The trick behind magic candles!!

Hey Guys!!

I found this interesting article that explains the truth behind Magic Candles used for birthday cakes! When you blow out a normal candle, you will see a thin ribbon of smoke rise up from the wick; while trick candles have fine flakes of the metal magnesium. Since it doesn't take too much heat to make magesium ignite (800° F or 430° C), but the magnesium itself burns white-hot and readily ignites the paraffin vapor, capable of being ignited by the relatively low temperature of the hot wick ember.

As I read this article, it came to my mind the last experiment that we did in our chemistri Lab class, since we also worked with Magnesium, remmembering it's bright appearance when it is heatted.

If you want to read more about this interesting article here is the link!

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Nohora C. Duque


chemistry 1045 said...

hmm, it's pretty crazy how something so complex could be involved in something like birthday candles. i love hearing about the science behind things, it really makes me appreciate them more. nohora i must say that i applaude you for being able to relate this to something we did, it shows your greater understanding of things :-D

-Francia :-)

Karen said...

Thats so cool Ive would have never figured that out. I never really thought about a simple thing like birthday candles having to involve something so complex as chemistry. little flakes of Magnesium causes great moments of laughter at a birthday!! Who would have thought!!

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