Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger

Hey guys well today in class we were talkign about a few german scientists and I chose to look up this man. Hes pretty neat feel free to read up on him.



chemistry 1045 said...

I always like reading about different people that have made a name for themselves by being smart. You always see a different story, I love it. It's so ironic how this man, who was once believed to be undeserving of the doctorate he was given, was later so highly acclaimed. Einstein even said this about him:
... the idea of your work springs from true genius...
It just goes to show that things don't always turn out as expected.
oh and kathia, what made you so interested in this particular man so much that you looked him up? :-)
-Francia :-)

chemistry 1045 said...


It is interesting to see all the major influences that an individual could make in a society!..

Just simply by having a passion of what they do!!

It is a great inspiration for us that we are starting our professional and esucational life!!

Thanks for sharing it!!!

chemistry 1045 said...

ups!!.. forgot to post my name on it!!!