The story of plastics- what they are made of?

hey guyz,
Found another article, this is about the making of plastics. It states that most industrial palstics are made of oil. salt, air and water. Weird huh? It basically takes a long process of extracting, distiltion, cracking and boiling to make the magnificent wonder of plastic. What would we do without plastic bags, covers and other useful gadgets of plastics. To read the Article follow the link!!
Karen Fuentes


chemistry 1045 said...

it is good to know about the story of plastics, and how are they made of because we most of the time use plastics for almost anything. i found this article pretty interesting..keep up the good work karen.

Rodrigo Monsalve

chemistry 1045 said...

WoW!!!.. that increadible to see that such a basic item, that we see and use on our daily basis are made of these simple elements oil, salt, air and water!!!

Thanks for sharing it with us!!!