Intelligent Wrappers

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Well um I was searching on-line looking for chemistry articles and I found this very interesting one that basically states that scientists in Italy have managed to develop this form of plastic packaging that is able to sensor food contamination and then displays a certain type of dye. By seeing this dye it alerts the person to realize that the food is no good and therefore it is disposed of. But what sounds really good for the environment is that the plastic packaging that it comes in is biodegradable- meaning that is can be broken down by micro-organisms found in soil or even sea water. Unlike billions of plastic wrappings that are produced and in the end are not disposed of properly without harming the environment.
If you guys want to read the artilce just copy and paste the link below.
Title- Intelligent Wrappers
by:James Mitchell Crow

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~Karen Fuentes


Kathia said...

This article is cool. It shows how chemistry is once again saving our lives.

Vivian Coolen said...

I enjoyed this article because it showed that companies are becoming more aware of the environment as they created this biodegradable plastic product and it also shows how chemistry has solutions to our daily problems. We need to use chemistry to become more responsible not only about our health, but also the environment. I think this is an imperative factor because the status of the environment should be taken with great consideration.

chemistry 1045 said...

This is really good news. The best thing about science is when we are able to better our lives without hurting the environment. This invention can prevent people from becoming sick, and seems to have no negative side effects. Additionally, they are already trying to improve on the product so hopefully it will be a common use for everyone soon enough.

Thanks Karen for such a good find.
-Manuel Contreras

chemistry 1045 said...

wow, this is great, one more step in helping to clean up the environment. it sucks to think that animals in the sea are often times affected negatively by plastic, but not for long!! if this type of plastic is used for most all things it would be great. oh and also being able to detect contamination? that is really something that is going to benefit everyone directly, woo woo, lets hear it for the scientists in Italy!!! :-)

chemistry 1045 said...

woops, that was me...Francia!!!

chemistry 1045 said...

These article really amazed me, to see that chemistry has really influenced the way diseases and contamination is prevented.

Good article!!!


chemistry 1045 said...

the most interesting part about this article is that the plastic packaging comes biodegradablle, so it can broke down by micro organisms... good job karen

Rodrigo Monsalve