About the Projest

Hey guys well I was thinking and this is just and idea. I was thinking that with the scientists we chose on wednesday we can do a powerpoint presentation with just the pictures of the scientists (slideshow) with a traditional African American melody playing in the background. While this plays in the background people can go around the room and looking at the posters and listening to the music and all. It sounds entertaining to me but thats just me. Write feedback on this! Thanks Kathy


chemistry 1045 said...

Sorry about the title. PROJECT lol

chemistry 1045 said...

ohh i really like your idea about the music and the powerpoint. i think is interesting becasuse people will be listening to the song and they will be paying more attention to the actual posters. this is a good idea!!!


chemistry 1045 said...

I agree!!! :-)

chemistry 1045 said...

It is completely a really good idea, since we could maintain all the audience entretain, and interested on the subject that we are talking about!!

I support it!!

Nohora ;)