Explosive chemicals- How Dangerous are They?

Well for those that are interested this article is basically about defining the dangers of Explosive Chemicals. For instance it explains the flash points of chemicals that Is the temperature at which the chemical will give out fumes sufficiently enough to catch fire when a lighted flame is brought near to it. The ingnition point of a chemical can be reached when a lighted flame is brought near to the combustible fumes, or it can be from a sparking electrical contact or even from sparks produced from mechanical impact. Very often, it can even come from sparks generated by static electricity. this article helps the reader understand that sure while these chemicals are explosive you shouldnt completely fear being near them. Just handle the chemicals as needed. Because if we all feared using these chemicals than we wouldnt have oil refineries and petrlouem stations.


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Dangers of explosive chemicals!!! just with the title i could say its about fire, and how can they impact our lives.

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