Artificial Bones

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You all know how difficult it can be to seperate certain chemical bonds. Recently, scientists have been able to mechanically force chemical bonds of a molecule called benzocyclobutene (BCB) to break apart. Doing this mechanically is better than the previous method of doing it chemically using light, heat, or electricity.
Now, the true significance of this new discovery is that seperating BCB mechanically allows it to reform into two identical shapes, meaning that polymeric substances made from BCB can be self-healing. Think about it, this means that scientists can make the substance into artificial bones that automatically repair any cracks or breaks they may encounter and actually thicken and harden, mimicking how actual living bone works.
Like any new discovery, perfecting this substance is still years away, but it is an important breakthrough nonetheless. Okay, just wanted to share that with you guys, take care.

-Manuel Contreras
For a more in-depth look at this new discovery, you can check out:


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MAnny!!.. this is really interesting!,Since the first time I heard about using artificial bones that adapt more easily to the anatomy and composition of the actual bone, has amuzed me!!!

I also want to share with you that as i attended a lecture made by a marine biologist, he was explaining to us that recently they are adapting big chunks of coral, that are compressed at really deep waters!.. and transforming them into instruments to repair bones, caused by fractures!!.. So I thought it was really amazing to see that with this new inventions there will be actually less suffferiing from patients who have to have an implant or parts inside de skin after the surgery! making it less painful and more practical, since these coral has the same properties as the bone has!


chemistry 1045 said...

i did not know anything about artificial bones....but the BCB discoery has really caught my attention


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