Green Sand!!!

Have you heard about any beach that has green sand??

This article that I foudn describes that this beach sand may be the only one in the world!!

The sand consists of spheres of olivine, or peridot. Each grain is a clear olive green. White sand primarily is quartz, which is an uncolored silicate (SiO2), and other light-colored minerals (white sand beaches in Hawaii, on the other hand, are almost entirely made from smoothed shells, or calcium carbonate, rather than inorganic minerals). Olivine is another silicate, though with magnesium and iron in its crystal matrix. The metals are responsible for the characteristic color.

As the author of the article shares her experience "You're not supposed to disturb sand at pretty much any beach in Hawaii, but I figure if you can walk on it, you can pick it up and photograph it. It's a deep layer of green, not just a sprinkling of green on top of regular sand. This beach is well worth the drive or hike to see firsthand"

Hopefully we could get to visit in ina near future!!!

Take care!! all you!!



chemistry 1045 said...

That's really interesting. It's cool how the physical characteristics of metals can cause such differences. It must be amazing being on that beach.

Manuel Contreras

Karen Fuentes said...

hey you know when the sand at the beach are a clean and biege, creamy color, so the shore looks really light, agua blue- well imagine the color of this beach with it's green looking sand.
i wonder what color the shore is??

chemistry 1045 said...

It is amazing how much technology can do for us. Not only technology, but the science advancements that we have today. Who everthought of green sand?

Yasiel Hernandez